DC Meets Looney Tunes

Many Authors/Many Artists

Comics As Collage Art

Even as I type the heading for this section I find myself laughing because the idea of DC and Looney Tunes being force-ably mashed together for the sake of art seems like a disingenuous qualifier. But this books was art, and should be taken seriously. Some of the stories in the collaboration were the best I've ever read. There was so much emotion packed into characters who I never thought were capable of depth. For example, Marvin the Martian. By the end of his story, I felt I could not only relate to his plight but empathize with his motivation. This is really hard to accomplish with literal cartoon characters. DC and Looney Tunes are both owned by Warner and have been for some time, so their relationship has always made, a kind of, sense. Making it look so good was clearly the challenge. The Batman/Elmer Fudd mashup in particular is something I will never forget. It was meta-silly, yet tonally sound. An impressive feat.