• Logo B&W


    I was recently introduced to Brian Woods’ Sword Daughter. For this beautiful art alone, Mark Chater should have at least one parade in his honor. In stunning black and white.


  • …END…


    It’s nice to wrap up a series with an image that literally says, “END”. I don’t always get to use images like this, especially not one’s as beautiful.


  • Hang/Pray


    This frame is consistent with the more Lovecraftian themes that abounds in this book. The monster featured below is also designed in a prototypical Lovecraftian fashion. The boxed quotes are to a god that is clearly absent from this moment. It is very grotesque and very powerful.


  • Weird Tongue


    I love big blocks of bold colors especially when the content is…well…bizarre-o. That tongue, truly, what that tongue do though?


  • Fish Hunting


    This is image is all about the pose. The hunter is posed a certain way. Abe is posed in…another way? It’s so dark, but I can see just enough to rock my junk off.


  • Smash ’em To Bits


    This book had a great sense of weight and motion. “Visceral” is a word that comes to mind. It really looks like Hellboy is about to smash this skeleton to bits.


  • Liz


    There is something so beautiful about the expression on her face. Liz has a Mona Lisa quality, which I have always found very creepy. She sort of takes on this regal plainness and this bumps up nice against how dangerous she is.


  • Frank Miller Boy


    Sure, most of the Hellboy series owes a great deal to Frank Miller. This image in particular is really demonstrates this. Even Hellboy’s expression looks just like Marv from Sin City.